Unimog 411.188 Rebuild Part 2
Mimi & Alan Dobbs

Part 2

The next step was to take the windshield off and start with a 3500 PSI pressure washer.  Most of the paint came off with the pressure washer. 


I found out that under the blue paint was also a canary yellow and THEN the factory industrial yellow.

The paint removal turned out to not be so easy….after I removed everything I could with the pressure washer, I bought some paint remover at Home Depot.  I applied that, scraped and then sprayed again.  It was tough to get through the factory coat of Mercedes Unimog Yellow. 

My biggest highlight of the day was when I discovered the original Unimog lettering under the coats of paint. The inside of the door still had the specifications.


I sprayed Phosphate Acid around the rusted spots to remove and prep for re-painting.  It makes all the rust turn to a white powder.

It works great on cast iron
The original coat was tough to get off with the regular paint remover, so I went to an industrial paint store and purchased some “Aircraft” paint remover and it worked excellent. 
You have to be sure to wear rubber gloves and other protection because it has acid in it and it will burn your skin.  If you apply a thick coat and then cover it with plastic for a while it makes the remover work even better.
With this remover I was able to get it down to bear metal in no time.
I applied “metal ready” to the sandblasted parts, then rinsed them off with water and air-dried them inside to prevent any further surface rust.
I cleaned the frame by sandblasting and pressure washing down to bare metal.  It is messy, but effective.
I painted some of the frame members with a semi-gloss black POR15.  The Dog House covers I painted with gray POR15.  POR15 is a self-leveling paint and goes on smooth.  Even brushed on it looks like it was sprayed on.  A little bit goes a long way.  (Do Not get POR15 on your skin, as it will not come off easy.)
The next step is to remove the cab to paint the engine and the frame.  I was amazed that I could still drive it around looking like this!  But not too far….

Thanks Alan & Mimi for letting us follow your great project.  Looking forward to the updates!