Basic Equipment List
Extras Are Always Nice...

The following is a list of items we recommend you take on the trail to make your trip a safe one. Always remember to keep such items secured or stowed away. We don't want our safety items to become potential projectiles.
Area maps Hydraulic jack
Axe or Saw Knife
Baling wire and/or Duct tape Matches (kept in a baggie or film can)
Blanket Radiator Stop Leak
CB Radio Shelter (tent) & foul weather gear
Can opener, paper towels & toilet paper Shelter (tent) & foul weather gear
Dehydrated foods (take little space and last a long time) Shovel
Extra motor oil (1 or 2 quarts) Sleeping bag
Extra gear oil Spare tire
Extra gasoline (enough for round trip) Tarp or plastic sheet (6' x 6')
Extra belts Tire pressure gauge & tire pump
Fire extinguisher Tire repair kit and Fix-a-Flat
First-aid kit Tools
Flashlight and extra batteries Tow Hooks
Food & lots of water Tow strap
Gloves Winch owners: a winch kit, including a tree strap, clevis pin (shackle), and a snatch block or pulley.
Hi-Lift jack