Crossing Trees & Logs
General Knowledge

When 4-wheeling in the woods, sooner or later you will encounter a fallen tree. Lightning storms, rotten trees, or high winds do that from time to time. You could use a tree strap and snatch block to pull the tree out of the way, or you could drive over it. It may be easier to cross at a slight angle rather than straight on. Be sure of your ground clearance. If you only have 8" of clearance you will not be able to cross over a 12" log. Use your Hi-Lift jack to lift your vehicle up to build up the approach to the log. But remember the next 4-wheeler to come along may want the challenge, so remove the rocks and logs so the next guy (or gal) can make their choice. As usual, remember to Tread Lightly!

When 4-wheeling in a National Forest, try to remember that the trails you run are interconnected by Forest Service Roads. These roads are considered streets and traffic laws prevail. Try to maintain a street legal machine. License, inspection, lights, and insurance are all required. Let's all do our part to keep the trails open by staying legal. Cooperation is better than confrontation, and is better in the long run.