Trail Etiquette
General Knowledge Trail Rules - Basically Common Sense


By: Steve Burroughs
Trail Rules


a.        Travel only where motorized vehicles are permitted.

b.        Respect the environment and the rights of others.

c.        Educate yourself, plan and prepare before you go.

d.        Allow for future use of the outdoors; leave it BETTER then you found it.

e.        Discover the rewards of responsible recreation.

2.       Always wear your seat belts.

3.       Do not litter.

a.        If you pack it inÖ Pack it out Ė oil, tires, cigarette packs, and drink cans)

4.       Stay on established trails (Donít blaze new ones unless you have permission).

5.       Travel with a group of two or more vehicles.

6.       Let others know your travel plans.

7.       Be prepared for vehicle breakdowns (yours and others).

8.       Never be afraid to say no.

a.        Remember itís your vehicle and your well being.

b.        Just because someone else can you might not & if someone else canít you might.

c.        The vehicle is only half the battle Ė the driver is the other 75%.

d.        Making it look easy takes experience Ė experience takes time.

e.        Skill can never be made up for with equipment.

f.        Know your vehicle and its limitations Ė AND YOURS.

g.        Stock vehicles can have fun too. 

h.        It ainít what you bought; itís how you build it... (Of course the part of the saying that they never finish is: How you build it depends on what you want to do with it Ė which might simply be to cross a grass meadow to your favorite fishing hole!).

9.       Yield the right of way to bikes, horses and hikers.

10.     Avoid spooking livestock and game that you encounter.

11.      Donít gun your engine.

12.     Donít play your radio excessively loud.

13.     Leave gates as you find them.

14.     Respect private property and closed areas.

15.     Stay to the right to avoid oncoming traffic.

a.        If it is safer to move left instead of right then by all means do so; the rule of common sense applies.

b.        The more maneuverable vehicle or the more experienced driver should give way.

16.     When two vehicles meet on a grade and there is not a safe place to pull over the vehicle traveling uphill has the right of way.  It is generally (but again use common sense) easier and safer for the vehicle traveling downhill to back up or move.  And it will be easier for them to get restarted.

17.     Slow down and have fun.

18.     Donít follow too close behind the vehicle ahead of you.  Give them plenty of room to complete the obstacle at hand.

19.     Make sure you can see the vehicle behind you.

20.    Always use a tree strap when using a tree as an anchor.

21.     Be considerate to others.

22.    Courtesy and common sense should always prevail.

23.    Be safe; protect the environment the TREAD LIGHTLY! Way.