Vehicle Checklist
And a couple of other things you should do BEFORE each trip...

Always check your vehicle over prior to any outing (with SHR or not).  Some of these may seem like overkill, but following them will help to ensure that you make it back as well as prolonging the life of your vehicle (especially if you drive it everyday).

       Check All Fluid Levels

        Gasoline (sounds strange but I have seen people run out of gas on a 3 mile run)



        Brake Fluid

        Coolant Level

        Diffs (milky gray means they have water in them)


        Wiper Fluid

       Everything Works Right

        Tire Pressure (Trail or Street Pressure)

        Tires Are in Good Shape

        T-Case Shifts

        Suspension Components Visual Check

        Everything Is Greased

        No Strange Noises

       Bring A Map (Or get directions from the Trail Leader)

       Communication Device

        CB Radio

        Cell Phone

        VHF Personal Communicators


        For Yourself

        For You Vehicle

        More For Yourself (And Your Passengers)

        Bring enough for others

        For Your PETS!


        Bring Snacks (Even if you dont plan on being out past lunch time sometimes things happen.)

        Bring Enough For Everyone (even your dog).

       Bring Friends

        Its always better with a passenger

        Bring another 4x4.  Never go out on a trail by yourself, especially a trail you do not know