Winching Techniques For Tree Safety
By Chris Pagan

How long can

this tree survive

the cables?


This is what happens to trees when they are used as winch points without the proper equipment.  There is nothing wrong with using the trees if it is done properly.  NEVER, EVER use a tree as a winch point without using a tree strap around the tree.  NEVER, EVER put a cable around a tree!

Winching Techniques for Tree Safety

Dr. Michael Hardig also reminds us of the reason we use tree straps. Without a strap, the winch cable would wrap around the tree without protection, causing a cut in the bark. "If the damage entirely encircles the bole [trunk] of the tree (this is called "girdling") the tree is doomed, irrespective of any efforts to seal the wound. A tree that has been girdled can no longer replenish its root cells with sugars produced in the leaves. The roots starve to death, and the tree will quickly succumb."

There are many ways to use a tree strap safely; all winching situations are different.  Follow these examples and please use your head - for the safety of our members, guests, children and for our trees.