The Adventures Of "Two-Axle Todd"
by Todd Nelson

Several of our members made the trip to the hill country over Memorial Day weekend.  The following is a picture story from Todd Nelson on his “misadventures” on the trail called Border Collie.

Or should that be Misadventures?!  J

Entering the obstacle known as the corkscrew…it’s a little tight

Working my way through the rock walls…I have just taken the paint off of the rear right corner…

The Saga…..I mean Adventure….  Continues  J

Looking at this picture now, I’m really not sure why my spotter chose this line that went straight up the wall…now I’m pinched.  Notice that everyone, including myself, is staring at the left rear tire

Well, now we know the axles are gone, so I’m on the cable winching out of the hole… trouble is, the axle isn’t cooperating. This is what’s known as the 35C walk-out.

Here’s the axle, coming out to say “hi.” The tire was between the Jeep and the rock wall, so we aired down the tire enough to beat the tire back into the tube so we could winch out of the hole.

Nature's Jack Stands  J

Getting the Jeep into a position to work on it presented a challenge since jack stands are hard to come by in the woods. So we laid the tires on their sides under the axles, placed logs/rocks across the wheels to disperse the load, and lowered the Jeep onto them so that we could go to work without having to depend on a high-lift jack for support.

A Look At The Culprits..  J

This trail fix took a lot longer thanks to a chewed carrier and mangled axle stubs. The carrier had to be removed from the differential housing entirely and beaten on for about 2.5 hours before the locker would spit the c-clips and allow us to start the mending process.

Here I am under the Jeep rebuilding the locker after we force-fixed (BFH + chisel) the carrier and installed the spare axles. Thankfully, and due to the help of a lot of new friends, I was able to drive the Jeep out under its own power. 100 yards down the trail, however, this badly shaken driver drove right into a rock out-cropping and blew a perfectly good tire…salt on the wound…

I love this sport!