BMRA Fun Run
Pics by Everyone

As everyone knows Southern High Rollers is again hosting the SWFWDA Spring Quarterly.  The event will be held at Barnwell Mountain Recreational Area in Gilmer, TX.  For those who have not been there yet, it is a great place to go.  It doesn’t have much in the way of “hard-core” rock crawling, but there are trails from easy to very hard and in some people’s words, “The trails keep your interest”.  Last year when we held the event there we had to have many club work runs to get the property and trails ready for an event.  This year the trails on the property are much more established and we only have to make one work run just prior to the event and the main reason for this run is to cut back all the over-growth from a wet winter.  

We decided that this year we would have a “fun” run up there with no work involved.  We had 17 SHR Members & their families and 6 guests & their families.  We had two great, full days wheeling and still made it home on Sunday for dinner and the second half of the Superbowl…  That works out to a great weekend of 4-wheeling:  that's 30 adults, 10 kids (from mid teens down to 3 years), 3 dogs (1 white, 1 black & 1 brown),

and 20 vehicles: 8 CJ's, 5 TJ's, 2 YJ's, 2 Cherokees (1 small, 1 full-size), 2 Toyota's, and 1 Land Rover.  (and that's probably not all of them as I don't remember exactly all the guests that came with all our members and I'm sure I missed a few). 

Most people went up on Friday and set up camp (tent or hotel) and there were a few of us that got up before the crack of dawn on Saturday and drove up.  We met at the mountain around 10am.  Some of the ones that got there the night before were already out on the trails.  Our group started out with about 11 vehicles, some “hard-core” rigs and some stock, some veterans and some newbies.  It was a good mix and we headed out for some easy trails to get the newbies a little experience.  We wheeled for a couple of hours and everyone had a great time.  All of the newbies made everything with a little coaching and by now were “hooked”.  

We broke for lunch and picked up more of our group when we headed back out after lunch.  We had about 17 vehicles in the afternoon and decided to go one step up on the trails and hit some medium trails.  Some of these trails were a little much for the stock vehicles, so they found their spots to watch and take pictures of the more modified vehicles on the trails.  I think they enjoyed that just as much as driving the easier trails!  They were amazed at what the vehicles could do.  By this time, I know at least one of our newer members was totally hooked.  We broke around dark and went to our “camping places” for the night.

Not everyone was able to stay for a run on Sunday, so we ended up with about 8 vehicles and it was decided that we were going to hit some of the harder trails.  We did leave one vehicle behind (a stock, long bed, Toyota pick-up) and they found empty seats to enjoy the ride.  These trails proved to be much more difficult than any of the trails of the day before and some elected to by-pass a lot of them.  But everyone had a good time and that’s what counts.  We quit around noon and headed back to the top of the mountain to load up and grab some lunch before heading home.  The trip home was uneventful and we made it back in time to catch the 2nd half of the game!

The general consensus of the weekend was “A great time was had by all”.  As a matter of fact, the weekend reminded us of “the old days” back at Ft. Hood.  The weather was beautiful, the trails were relaxing and the company was great!  We left happy and content and ready for the next trip like this one.

We hope everyone can make the event and show your support to SWFWDA at the quarterly meeting.

Be Safe.
Chris Pagan