Buckner Children's Home Mud Bog
Forward By Chris Pagan

2001 proved to be a great year for our annual Buckner Toy Run.  Our final donation amount was $2,050.00 + a couple of checks that were given directly to them that day!  We had 21 members that were able to make the run and we even signed up 1 new member.  It was great to see some faces we haven’t seen for a while.  Thanks to everyone that was able to participate.  We ended up with 11 member vehicles out in the mud and 1 vehicle driven by someone who knows someone that works at Buckner.  The kids had a great time and even got into a mud fight!  What follows is just misc. pictures from the events of the day.  I apologize if I got any names wrong….it wasn’t easy figuring out all the vehicles through the mud!  Thanks, again to everyone for making the day a success.

Parade through Beaumont out to the home.

Awesome looking parade into Buckner’s driveway!

Swede receives an award on behalf of the club.

Swede and Chuck Edenfield.

Santa makes a visit!

The children (of all ages) gather inside.

Watch out!  It’s coming off the trailer again! 

*You know we love you Swede!


Our ferocious or is that fearless leader?!

And, believe it or not it is running and ran all day!

Member's At Play

The kids couldn’t wait to ride with Tony Crawford with all the windows down!

Dave Rebbin

Chuck's Stuck.

Waiting for their “victims”!!!

Chuck Edenfield

Todd Nelson

Jack Brinks & his “new” CJ

Looks like they are having fun, but I can’t tell who it is!!  

Possibly Aaron McIntosh?

The mud claims another one!

Jeff & Lynn Roberson

Larry Crawford

Tony Crawford

Aaron McIntosh rescuing Tim Kyle’s rig

Another one down!

Scott Bahr & his "clean" Wagoneer!

Another tough day...

Tired and ready for the ride home after a long, hard day’s work!  

Notice the SHR Logo standing proud