2004 Buckner's Mud Run

 Well the day started pretty early.  We arrived in Mt. Belviue at about 6 am.  Which as anyone knows is early for  me.  We met up with a larger than expected crowd in the parking lot and convinced the people of Jack in the Box to open the doors so we can get some breakfast.

After about an hour and our leader running a little behind we set out down the road to the pig stand to meet up with everyone else. When we rolled up, there was another gathering of people all loaded up with smiles on their faces. The group was gaining in size and after a few people ate and talked we went back out. Just as we all were getting ready to leave we all heard DING! DING! DING! and the arm comes down for the railroad crossing. If anybody can remember a few years ago one group pulled out of the Pig Stand a little too late and was caught at the crossing for 20 minutes.  Well anyway, so the arm comes down and here comes the train moving very slowly.  And then comes the announcement that the train was very short.  I look up and all I see is the engine of the train and no cars. Whew!  We missed that one.  So in a very short time we are on our way.

We pulled into the school and after some confusion and closed gates we line up for the parade. The parade met up with the fire truck that Beaumont fire dept. had provided for us and they even had Santa standing outside

waving at all of us.  We all setup and everyone couldn’t wait to get in the mud. I lined up the guys and told a few that hadn’t been there before to watch out for the holes from years prior.  Before most guys were even off the trailers the track was all setup and even a few old ruts were found.  After a hectic task of trying to get all the motorcycles their numbers even though I only had about half of the guys names and gave them numbers. I setup the voting box and made my way back to watch all the trucks run thru the mud. 

After a while the kids were coming back and asking for rides.  Some of the kids weren’t even interested in the motorcycles or Vettes.  After a while of watching these guys go nuts in the mud some serious high horsepower and rooster tails of mud my eyes were drawn to the back of the field. There sits the Big Dodge belonging to Jim Hadfield and its sitting kind of funny. Me not having a truck here can only wonder.   Than one of the trucks moves from my view and I notice a tire laying there on the field.  I was thinking to myself “I don’t remember a tire there before??” then I find out that he had run the tire totally off the wheel and is totally stranded.  John goes out there and hooks onto Jim and pulls him to the street where we can make the necessary repairs. 

Well lets look at it this way, everyone with a big 4x4’s has a large jack to go with them but after John tried juggling 2 jacks to get this thing up high enough in the air to change the tire it was still not tall enough.  After a while of scratching heads and searching for boards to use as additional height the BFD allows us the gracious use of the bottle jack they use to pick up the fire truck with (this thing is HUGE!) Well the tire is changed and he is back out there for another go.








BTW what did I tell you before we started?  Watch the big holes!   Anyway I think the biggest kid had the most fun – even his son got out there and became one of the mud people.  All the kids were having a blast riding in the cycles and Vettes.  We always have a good showing from our guys and the kids are very grateful.

The one thing that I noticed was that I didn’t see some of the same faces this year – which makes me feel that those kids have gone on to a more permanent and hopefully a happier home.  One thing I would like to add is that I think that the people that showed up for this event are truly special people and really enjoy sharing their time and gas with others.  As always everyone at Buckner’s are very grateful for our participation. Even though I wasn’t driving I still got muddy and had a blast.  I do also have something that you can help out the home if you weren’t able to make it out there. We will have Buckner Bears available at the next meeting for you to purchase.