A "Little" Community Service
A lot of fun for the "kids", little and big!

We ended up with a group of 10 vehicles to “show off” for the kids at Fellowship of the Woodlands Church to help them celebrate Motorsports Month.  We started gathering at 7:30am for coffee and donuts and drove over to the church.  There were a few others that met us at the church and we all lined up for the “show”.  Four Wheel Parts Performance Center on FM1960 loaned us their RTI ramp for the day and that was a great hit.  All the big kids had to take turns seeing how far their vehicle could go up the ramp and all the younger kids had a great time watching.  Most of them were pretty sure that we were going to tip over at least one of the vehicles!  We stayed until noon for all 3 church services then headed out for some lunch. It was a good time for all of us and the kids sure liked it too!  Thanks to all of you that came out to make this a worthwhile event.