Searching For Ghost Towns
by Tammy Wells

What a beautiful Saturday morning. We met up with the group at the KOA campground for our first introductions. Everyone was very wonderful and made us feel very welcome. We headed out to our first stop at the Texas Heritage Museum in Burnet, Texas. There were a lot of very unique artifacts, including an old-fashioned hair curling system. I have very long hair, so I am currently appreciating how easy we have it. My son was very intrigued by the dental chair and “The Pagan’s Jeep”! 

After leaving the museum we headed to Morris Ranch, Texas. We were fortunate enough to meet the mayor who welcomed us onto his property. We learned about the history of Morris Ranch and the people who lived there. We were able to visit the cemetery and see resting places that were very old. By the way, if you are in need of any salsa, the mayor sells that too.

Next we headed to Luckenbach, population 2; I think everyone fell in love with this setting. There were old buildings such as post office, saloon, and outhouses. Most of them had been converted to shops and such. There were patrons who had brought their guitars and were simply playing for our enjoyment. They were really good, probably the next George Straight! They also had a dance hall, where we are told; they have dances every Friday and Saturday night. By the way, we need to plan an all adult trip and head out there.


Overall, this was one of the nicest, relaxing weekends we have had in a long time. Fredericksburg was beautiful; we had a wonderful dinner on Saturday evening at a quaint little German restaurant.  

Thank all of you for making us feel welcome. We enjoy being a part of this club, and are looking forward to future adventures. Thank you to Shawn and Chris for entertaining our son with your Jeep! 

James, Tammy and Tanner Wells

Editors Note:  Due to some technical problems, Tammy was not able to send me her pictures from the trip and I only got a few other pictures that I have posted here.  If anyone else has any that they would like to share from the trip, please get them to me and I will get them posted. 

The trip was a lot of fun even though we didn’t get to see as much as we would have liked.  We will probably plan another trip like this at some point.  Unfortunately, I left my camera back at camp, so I didn’t get any pictures at the ghost towns.  I was hoping that someone else would share with me. 

These pictures are from the 1st Ghost Town we went to called Morris Ranch.  The guy in the picture talking to us is the Mayor of Morris Ranch, Wayne Meier.  He was very gracious and allowed us to come onto his property (Morris Ranch is now all private property) and gave us a history of Morris Ranch.  He also has some great salsa!  You can visit his website and check out his other products as well.  I cannot speak for anything but the salsa, but if it is any indication of what the rest of his products are like, then they are worth ordering.  Here is the website address if anyone is interested….