What Does Spur Of The Moment Mean To You?
Hot Springs, AR

What does spur of the
 moment mean to you?

It was Friday July 4th and Colette and I were sitting and Joe’s Crab Shack munchin' on some vittles after spending some time in the pool.  We had taken the kids out to eat where we could sit outside and continue to enjoy the beautiful weather.  The talk around the table was what we were going to do with the rest of the day.  It was only 1:00pm and there was so much we could do, yet nobody had a suggestions.  The plan was to go downtown and watch the fireworks show and then call it a night early.  That all changed when I left the table for a few minutes.  I came back and Colette and her daughter Katlyn were staring up at me with open eyes and big grins.  That’s when I made the fatal mistake of asking, “What?”  Like a perfect rehearsal they both calmly suggested we go wheelin.  I was a bit taken to say the least.  Then they brought up the fact that we had friends in Hot Springs, Ark. that we could meet up with.  I thought about if for a half a second and said, “Sure why not”. 

We jumped in the truck and started getting ready and all met back up at my house to finish packing up the gear.  I loaded the jeep on the trailer and took one final pass to make sure the house was all locked up.  It was when I came back to the truck that one of the kids pointed out I had a flat tire.  I was ticked to say the least.  Colette suggested we just put the spare on and go.  However, we all know that if you use your spare and don’t replace it, you’ll need it later.  So with that philosophy in mind, we headed to Wal-Mart for a new tire.  The guys at Wal-Mart were great!  They let me pull the truck and trailer into the bay and evened out all the tires on the truck and trailer free of charge while we went shopping. 

With a new tire and loads of food, we headed down the road through the downpour of rain.  It was now 7:00pm and we were just getting on the road.  For the most part we had a good road trip.  The roads were pretty quiet since everyone was out enjoying the holiday.  One nice part of the drive was going through Nacogdoches; our timing was perfect because we managed to make it there when the big fireworks display was going on.  (An excellent show that I highly recommend to anyone in the area.) 

We finally pulled into the Superlift Park at 2:30am Saturday morning.  We saw Jay’s camp and an available spot next door.  After parking Jay walked out to meet us.  We talked for a few minutes and sucked down a much well deserved beer before hitting the sack.  I have to say, Jay’s hospitality is 2nd to none.  He put the kids up for the night and let us use his truck for a few hours of sleep.  Thanks Jay, we couldn’t have made the trip with you.

Saturday morning came pretty early.  I woke up to Kent walking up to the truck window.  I dragged myself from my slumber and jumped into Kent’s truck to make a coffee and biscuit run.  We returned with grub and caffeine for the crew.  After waking up, we setup our tents and then packed up for a day of wheeling. 

The trip started off perfect.  Andrea lead the trail with Jimmy next, then me, Jay, Dick, and finally Kent.  What a great group!  We had all the usual fun on the trail. 

As expected, Dick was the first to have problems.  It seems that his cable to his OX locker had worn out and his front axle was disengaging.  Needless to say he spent a lot of time stacking rocks.  Due to this, Dick was presented the cream-puff award.  Later on we ran into a little rain shower coming up Concrete hill.  This called for a quick run back to camp to dress the rigs with tops and refresh on ice.  We ran the trail for a full day and had very little problems.  It wasn’t until we ran the last trail that Kent broke a rear shaft on his D44.  The problem was resolved quickly thanks to the full floater design.

Back at camp we whipped up a feast only a group of wheelers could come up with.  Everything form of sausage combined with deer meat.  It was great!  I couldn’t have asked for a better day.  Even though we only got one day on the trails, I feel it was well worth the 840 mile round trip and lack of sleep to be with such good friends doing what we all love so much.  Wheelin!

Ray Barth…