Lake Somerville, Club Picnic
By Chris Pagan

 Well, no one sent me anything on our Lake Somerville trip as I had hoped, so I guess it’s my turn….  This will be short and sweet, but I do have pictures….

 Most of us met in Brenham and we headed out about 10am through the back roads and across the beautiful countryside.  When we arrived in Chapel Hill we met up with 2 more vehicles and continued on.  We ended up with 12 families in all and 13 vehicles.  We seriously thought about asking Steve B. if he had gotten a permit for leading a parade!  The weather cooperated beautifully and we had a gorgeous sunny day for the drive.  We only had one minor “incident”…Paul Trotochaud had a u-joint go out, but he was able to limp it to the lake.


 We arrived at the lake around noon and set up for lunch.  Well, most of us set up for lunch; there was one of that had to set up for repairs… Although we had intended on playing volleyball and such, it was the general consensus that it was too warm and we ended up sitting around, relaxing and visiting.  I know that more that just some of us needed that a lot.

 I pretty much lost track of time, I don’t know what time it was when we wrapped it up there.  Some of us headed back to the city and some of us headed to the Antique Rose Emporium.  We did make one stop on the way for pictures.


The Antique Rose Emporium was awesome, complete with scenery and flowers and plants to buy.


 All in all it was a good day…. Great weather, great food, great company and a leisurely, relaxing drive.  What more could anyone want…. (Well, except of course, a new front end, new gears, bigger tires, locking hubs, etc., etc., etc…..)