Poteau OK - After The Roll
by Jack Brinks

After The Roll

  By now, most of you know I rolled my CJ7 on TV Cable Hill in Poteau, OK over Labor Day weekend.  Actually, I didnít just roll it, I demolished it!  Obviously, I didnít do it on purpose, but, based on ďeye-witnessĒ accounts, I was blaming it all on driverís error (in other words, me!)

  However, since seeing the videotape, I now know that I didnít run the right front tire up a tree (something Iíve done before!) causing me to go over backwards down the hill.  I can also see why witnesses thought that and why the Jeep wouldnít turn left; both front tires were in the air! With the front tires in the air, the right rear tire lost traction as I was coming over the last ledge.  All the power from the 401 went to the left rear tire, which had plenty of traction.  The jeep abruptly turned right before I could jam in the clutch and hit the brakes.  It then rolled backward enough for the rear tire to fall off the ledge, pointed the Jeep to the sky and then back down, unfortunately wrong side up!  It happened so fast, that had I been in their shoes, I would have thought I hit the tree too.  

Either way, I still donít get to blame it on someone else.  I built the Jeep from top to bottom, front to back.  I was the one behind the wheel, no one else.  I was the one who thought he could make it up those ledges.  I was also the one who didnít follow his gut instinct to take the winch.  Iím also the one who didnít follow my own rule of ď3 strikesÖyouíre out!Ē Hey, two vehicles had made it up unassisted prior to me, I could certainly make it! 

Oh well.  Now what?  I liken my current situation to falling off a horse.  I need to get back on.  While I donít plan to do much (if any) hardcore stuff in the future, I canít just walk away from a sport I enjoy so much.  I plan to rebuild my Jeep (even though the entire body and frame now rests in the scrap yard) as soon as feasible.  Fortunately, most of my investment is still intact, including drivetrain, suspension, tires & wheels, and of course, my ďshiny silver boxĒ. 

Iím going to take some time and do some things around the house that Iíve been putting off, but I donít think itíll be too long before you see me back on the trail. 

I would also like to thank Scott Havis, Shawn Pagan, Karl Pretzer, Bob Fleming and Christi Baker & Tom Pennington (I hope thatís right) for all their help and support, both physically and emotionally.  People like these are a big part of the reason I enjoy our sport!



Jack Brinks