SWFWDA Fall Quarterly - Disney, OK
by Shawn Pagan

I want to thank FWD-FWD (Of Dallas) and Extreme 4-Wheelin’ (Of Tulsa) for putting together this “informal” run and providing a meeting location for the Fall Quarterly on such short notice.  (For more pictures Click Here)

The drive to Disney, OK takes about 10 hours from North Houston.  Eng and I meet up with a couple of friends (Lance & Misty Morin and Michael & Laurie Sailsbury) from FWD-FWD about an hour and a half outside of Disney.  Upon arriving in Disney we discovered how small a town it was…. Michael asked for directions to the hotel and was informed,  “it was just down around the next corner, down by mama’s house.”! 

Getting up early on Friday morning we started to look around for the “wheeling” spots.  It turns out that most of the wheeling is in the spillways behind the dam.  The work of Mother Nature and the force of water spilling thru the dam have done a marvelous job of creating some spectacular play areas for 4x4’s. 


There are plenty of individual obstacles around the area to host a “Rock Crawling” championship.  

 The cool thing is that slightly modified vehicles can play along and watch the “big boys” play.  I would not recommend these trails for bone stock vehicles – the rocks like to find anything not covered by a skid plate.  Custom built “Rock Buggies”;  are the norm; however, I did see several stock Jeeps and a couple of P/U’s playing on some of the easier trails.

The SWFWDA Meeting went off without a hitch.  Homer Van Zandt brought up SHR’s hosting of the Spring Quarterly at Barnwell.  It was motioned and unanimously accepted.  There were 8 Clubs and about 50 people in attendance at the meeting.  I must say that the largest group of people was from the Oklahoma Trail Chasers (these guys had some AWESOME rigs).  Also discussed was the current Law Suit regarding Robledo and the “Wolf” in New Mexico and the annual (Year 2001) budget for SWFWDA.  So far the lawsuit has cost SWFWDA about $6000.  The 2001 budget projects that they will be approximately $1100.00 in the red for 2001.

With only 8 clubs in attendance and approximately 50 people over all, FWD-FWD was able to raise $1038 with their raffle and graciously donated that money directly to SWFWDA Land Fund.  This should help out with their 2001 Budget!

SWFWDA also accepted two new clubs into the association.  One of those new clubs is also a Texas based club “Jeeps Of North Texas” (out of Plano).  This brings the total number of clubs in SWFWDA up to 38 Clubs.  54% of those clubs are in Texas, 22% are in New Mexico, 11% are in Kansas, 11% are in Oklahoma and 3% are in Louisiana.  That totals approx 1800 members overall!

-- Shawn Pagan (For more pictures Click Here)