Trail Pictures
Swede, Bob, Ken, Rick & Kenny

Taken at the Southwest 4 Wheel Drive Association winter quarterly '96 at The Guardian in Las Cruces, New Mexico, this shot shows Swede after he dropped his rear drive shaft on this obstacle. He cannibalized the front drive shaft to fix the rear and then broke it again further down the trail. The Scrambler spent the night on the Guardian. The next day both drive shafts were repaired but it still managed to break a hub on the way out.
Taken at Ft. Hood this picture shows Bob Keniston, and Ken Womack taking a lunch break at the waterfall.
Rick Cassani crossing one of the creeks at Ft. Hood.
Kenny Rodgers M-715 Jeep Army Pickup at the Creek.
Bob Keniston "Tree Huggin" on White Knuckle Hill at Moab, Ut.