Why I Go To Gilmer!
Jack Brinks

Unfortunately, the closest things to hills and rocks around Houston are freeway over-passes (and the police frown on me climbing up the sides of them in my CJ).  We used to go to Fort Hood, but thatís closed now.  We used to go to Clayton, but most of that is now closed, just like Hot Springs.  Easter weekend you would normally find us running Big Bend, but that property is under dispute again.  We used to go a lot of places, but most of them are off limits now.    

So, why do I go to the Barnwell Mountain Recreation Area outside of Gilmer?  Itís certainly not convenient to make the 9 to 10 hour round trip from the west side of Houston.  Itís also not inexpensive, when you consider gas, hotel, meals etc.  Itís certainly not a glamorous place, and will probably never host a Rockcrawling Championship, although it does offer some very scenic views from the top of the mountain.  

So, why do I go?  Because itís the future!  If we want a place to take our children and a place for our children to take their children, privately owned property like BMRA is the only way to go.   

Thatís why we must all do what we can to support the Texas Motorized Trails Coalition (TMTC) in their efforts to create an enjoyable off-road experience for everyone, OHVís, motorcycles, and ATVís.  BMRA has to succeed if we want to keep enjoying our sport and we all need to do our part.  If youíre not a member, please join soon.  If BMRA succeeds, (and I am certain it will), maybe TMTC can purchase more property in the future with even bigger rocks!    

 -Jack Brinks