Unimog 411.188 Rebuild Part 1
Mimi & Alan Dobbs

Part 1

We took a trip to Denver, CO to pick up and bring back to Houston the newest edition to our family; a Uni-Mog 411.188   


After spending a couple of hours with the former owner, a good battery charge along with priming the fuel pump, the little 4 cylinder diesel cranked over  (the fact the temperature was in the single digits didn’t help any!).


It stalled because it got flooded out, so we used low gear and the starter to load it up in our Big-Tex Trailer.  This would be a good test for pulling with our new Dodge 3500 Cummins Truck.

One of our goals is to make it DOT approved and street legal even though its top speed is 32mph.  The other goal is to restore the original color and get ride of the “Smurf” blue. 

Back in sunny Houston with temperatures in the 70’s all it took was a good battery charge and it started right up. 

By the license plate we could tell that it spent at least a few years in the U.K.

The OM636,

4-cylinder diesel made by Mercedes


These are the original fuse boxes.  There are 6 fuses per box and it uses the old European style fuses.  We had a hard time locating them.
The dash has gauges and knobs that we do not know what they are for.
Now that’s a battery
There is a lot of rust, but we will fix all of that
This model has hydraulic assist steering  (this is a great option).
On the passenger side there is a large hydraulic reservoir.
With the doghouse cover removed, the engine & transmission are exposed very well
We were surprised to see how much working room there is with the hood removed.

This is the back end.  The Unimog 411 is longer than the standard bed.
I discovered that it has a 3-way tilt bed.  How cool is that!

Although it is impossible to tell in B&W pictures, the blue was sprayed without good masking.
With bed off, there is only the top and windshield to remove before we start the paint removal.

Tune in next for “The Unveiling”