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Embark on a thrilling journey with the Southern High Rollers 4×4 Club (SHR), where our shared love for Automotive Technology and off-roading transcends boundaries. As we enthusiastically embark on our 27th year, we take pride in being Houston’s leading off-road community.

Rooted in the collective spirit of a group of 4-wheel-drive enthusiasts from Houston, we have flourished into a vibrant off-roading collective. SHR is an inclusive space for 4×4 vehicles and their drivers, irrespective of their journey on the experience spectrum – everyone has a seat at our table.

How We Got Started

It all began under the captivating Texas sky in the summer of ’96. Huddled around a bonfire, exchanging tales of off-roading escapades and dreams of unexplored terrains, a revelation arose – a longing to share the electrifying allure of off-roading with others.

That very moment marked the birth of the Southern High Rollers 4×4 Club. More than just an automotive club, SHR emerged as a beacon of camaraderie and adventure, uniting all those fascinated by the raw charm of the wilderness and the challenges it presented.

More Than Just a Club

Over the decades, SHR evolved beyond a mere club – it became a sanctuary, a family, and a lifeline. As a nurturing ground, the club saw the seasoned veteran and the adventurous beginner find a sense of belonging. Balancing the thrill of adventure with a deep-rooted respect for nature, SHR actively championed the principles of TreadLightly! to ensure the preservation of our cherished trails for future generations.

SHR matured into a pivotal component of the off-roading ecosystem, both locally and nationally. Serving as an advocate for off-roading rights, we worked hand-in-hand with the Texas Motorized Trails Coalition and other organizations to expand trail access while prioritizing sustainability.

Beyond the mud and the trails, SHR 4×4 Club embedded itself into the heart of its local community. We aimed to give back to the city that shaped us, supporting local charities, and hosting events with a dual purpose – celebrating off-roading and aiding our community.

Looking Back, Moving Forward

As we embark on our 27th year, we reflect on our journey with a sense of accomplishment and unity. However, it’s not just about the journey behind us; it’s also about the exciting trail ahead, every new member, every ride, and every gathering is a fresh chapter in our unfolding story.

SHR 4×4 Club is not just a club; it’s a legacy of off-roading, a collective of adventurers, and a family interconnected by the passion for the open road.

Our Mission

Our mission extends beyond the joy of 4-wheeling. We’re committed to the preservation, promotion, and expansion of 4-wheeling opportunities, not only for our club members, but also for the entire off-road community. From expanding knowledge of offroading tech to finding new trails, we love bonding with our community.

Texas Meet Ups

Join us in exploring the diverse terrains of Texas and beyond. We convene at various locations around Houston on the third Saturday of every month, and we also host sponsored ‘runs’ to different wheeling destinations in Texas and neighboring states.

Our calendar is filled with thrilling events waiting for you to discover. Every year we’ve hosted an event, last year was Texas Trail Rides 2 – view all the images we took on that page. This year, we are looking forward to both Benefit Event for Hailey, as well as our annual Texas Trail Rides 3.

Car & Off-Roading Club Coalition

At SHR 4×4 Club, we firmly believe in responsible off-roading. As proud members of the BlueRibbon Coalition, we adhere to the principles of TreadLightly! at a national level. This means we’re dedicated to preserving our natural surroundings while enjoying our off-roading adventures.

Locally, our partnership with the Texas Motorized Trails Coalition, a non-profit tirelessly advocating for more wheeling destinations in Texas, reflects our commitment to the community. Our community spirit permeates beyond off-roading – we are eager participants in charitable initiatives, including our annual toy run/parade for Buckner Children’s Home in Beaumont, Texas.

You’re Invited…

We welcome you to delve into our rich heritage and dynamic community. Discover our journey through our past newsletters, photographs, tips, and trail reports to get a feel for our group’s ethos. If you’re intrigued by the possibility of joining the SHR family, reach out to us for more information or simply gather your loved ones, rev up your rig, and join us at our next meeting. At SHR, the open road meets community spirit, and you are always welcome.