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Southern High Rollers Automotive Club Presents TTR2:

Texas Trail Rides and Barnwell Mountain

About the Event

Last year’s Texas Trail Rides Event, TTR2, hosted by Southern High Rollers 4×4 Club at the Barnwell Mountain Recreation Area, was a resounding success. But it was so much more than that – it was an affirmation of our commitment to the community and our shared passion for off-roading.

From the moment the first wheel hit the trail to the final farewells, the event was an explosion of energy, camaraderie, and off-road adventure. As we look back, the numerous captured smiles and shared laughter in our gallery reflect not just the excitement of the ride, but the unique bond formed among the participants.

The decision to host TTR2 sprang from our desire to offer an engaging platform for off-roading enthusiasts, promoting automotive technology and its evolution. The response was overwhelmingly positive, reinforcing our belief in the importance of such events in fostering community spirit and enthusiasm for 4-wheel drive technology.

TTR2 Particpation – Hoping for a Similar Turnout at TTR3

Participating in the Southwest Four Wheel Drive Association’s spring quarterly meeting, we saw a diverse group of attendees, from novices to seasoned off-roaders, all learning, growing, and experiencing the joy of off-roading together. This broad spectrum of participants opened avenues for enriching conversations around automotive technology, allowing for the exchange of insights that spanned different experience levels and perspectives.

The success of TTR2 was not just about the thrill of off-roading. It was about people coming together, about bridging gaps in understanding and fostering mutual respect. It was about sharing knowledge and passion, igniting sparks of curiosity, and promoting sustainable and responsible off-roading.

We at Southern High Rollers believe in the power of community. This belief is why we decided to host yet another event, inspired by the success of TTR2. We recognize that our strength lies in our shared passion and collective effort, and we are dedicated to creating more opportunities to celebrate, learn, and grow together.

In reflecting on the triumph of TTR2, we eagerly anticipate the adventures that await us. The trails may change, but our dedication to the off-roading community remains as steady as ever. As we gear up for future events, we invite you to join us at TTR3, as well as our event for Hailey.

Event Information

For Questions or More Info
Please contact Chris Pogman (892)-325-4568 or Please contact Swedish Gane
Activities To Include:
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Raffle To Benefit SWFWDA Land Action Fund Blind Man’s Obstacle Course Rock Garden Challenge
Trail Rides T-Shirts Fun For The Entire Family

Event Images

Pictures by Jack Brinks, Ken & Evelyn Chaney, Kent Chipman, Lee Miller, Tony Patton, Jack Slack, Greg Tresidder.