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These are the Articles we’ve written for off-roading tips. Be sure to check them out if they’re interesting to you!

A Near Miss From Tragedy – Offroading Safety Lesson

Please study this photograph carefully; notice the eight inch nylon strap, ¼ inch thick, out the rear of the Jeep.  See that it comes through the rear window, then through the driver’s seat, then out the front windshield.  Notice that the holes in the seat and the windshield are relatively clean.

It shows precisely what happened or what can happen (and has happened before) when straps are used to pull a vehicle from mud, sand or snow.  The picture depicts an actual occurrence.   This is the story of the NEAR MISS.  Read Full Article…

The 10 Best Tools You Should Always Have in Your Car

We’ve all been there – a blown tire in the middle of nowhere, a stubborn hood that just won’t close, or that eerie squeaky sound that refuses to go away. The open road, while filled with promise and adventure, is also peppered with unforeseen mechanical hiccups that can quickly turn a dream ride into a roadside nightmare. Fear not, intrepid motorist, for the solution is simpler than you think and it doesn’t involve a costly annual membership with a road rescue service. Read Full Article….