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Texas Trail Rides Event 3
Southern High Rollers 3rd Texas Trail Rides Event

After a very succssfull event at last years Texas Trail Rides 2, we’ve decided we’re hosting another. At Southern High Rollers 4×4 Club, we believe in fostering a community that is as robust and resilient as the vehicles we drive. That’s why we are proudly hosting our 3rd Texas Trail Rides Event at the scenic Barnwell Mountain Recreation Area as part of the Southwest Four Wheel Drive Association’s spring quarterly meeting. This event is open to all, transcending any brand allegiance – this is not merely a Jeep event, but an off-roading celebration!

In the challenges and obstacles of daily life, we understand the importance of letting off some steam, breaking free from routine, and reconnecting with nature. This event serves as a perfect opportunity to do just that. It allows you to unwind, network with fellow off-roading enthusiasts, and forge lasting connections, all while reveling in the excitement of tackling new terrains.

Beyond the thrill of the ride, this event holds critical significance for the local automotive technology landscape. The Southwest Four Wheel Drive Association has been an instrumental force in shaping our regional automotive technology sector, promoting innovation, safe practices, and sustainability within the off-road community.

By attending this event, you aren’t merely participating in a trail ride; you’re contributing to the growth of our local automotive technology sector, lending support to the initiatives driven by the Southwest Four Wheel Drive Association, and ensuring the vibrancy and vitality of our off-roading community. We will also be supporting the benefit event for Hailey as well, something to look forward to.

At Southern High Rollers, we believe in the power of community, the importance of adventure, and the intrinsic value of responsible off-roading. We invite you to join us for this event, to celebrate our shared passion for off-roading, support our community, and above all, have an unforgettable time in the great outdoors. We look forward to seeing you there!