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TJ Clutch 1

TJ Owners, Check Your Clutch

During the run at Gilmer I was on the trail, idling in neutral, waiting for the vehicles in front of me to clear an obstacle. When it was my turn, I depressed the clutch to put my Jeep in 1st gear and the pedal went straight to the floor! Fortunately, I was in neutral and nothing happened.

Upon a quick inspection I determined that the retainer for the clutch pedal had failed. This piece of plastic (see picture) was on the floor. I used a clip-pin to retain the pedal to the clutch assembly and completed the run with no problems. Read Full Article

How To: 44’s 4 a CJ

Tired of breaking axles?  Want to run with the Big Dogs?  Maybe it’s time to swap in a set of Dana 44 axles from a Scout!  There are a couple of ways to do this, but both can be done fairly easily and at minimal expense, depending on how much work you’re willing to do yourself.  For me, working on or upgrading my Jeep is almost as fun as crawling rocks.  Read Full Guide Here

Lockers Explained

At first glance, a 4×4 vehicle may seem like a uniform entity, yet beneath the rugged exterior lies a complex symphony of parts, all working in harmony to conquer any terrain that comes its way. One of the unsung heroes of this ensemble is the differential – a component often overshadowed by more visible elements like tires or suspensions. Read Full Article

My Unimog 411 Experience

Whenever I close my eyes, the image that pops into my head is a familiar one: the steel-green silhouette of my Unimog 411, the tangible representation of my ultimate ambition. I sense its rugged texture under my fingers, hear the vigorous purr of its engine. To me, this isn’t merely a vehicle; it’s a dream crystallized into 3.5 tons of German innovation. Read Full Article

TJ Fender Flare Installation

One of the first things I did to the TJ was install a lift and add larger and wider tires. The new tires would fit on the factory rims, but with the additional width of the new tires they would rub on the frame. To make the tires fit, I got rims with less backspacing than the factory rims. The difference in the backspacing, and just the plan fact that the tires were wider made them stick out past the factory flares a few inches. Read Full Guide Here